Nov 102014
Campana Sobre Campana



1. Campana sobre campana,
Y sobre campana una,
Asómate a la ventana,
Verás al Niño en la cuna.

Belén, campanas de Belén,
Que los ángeles tocan
¿Qué nueva me traéis?

Recogido tu rebaño
¿A dónde vas pastorcillo?
Voy a llevar al portal
Requesón, manteca y vino.

2. Campana sobre campana,
y sobre campana dos,
asómate a esa ventana,
porque ha naciendo Dios. Refrain

3. Campana sobre campana,
y sobre campana tres,
en una Cruz a esta hora,
el Niño va a padecer. Refrain

Singable English translation

Bells upon bells are pealing,
But one bell sounds clear o’er all,
The birth of Jesus revealing,
Babe born to redeem our Fall.

O bells of Bethlehem which reach the highest heav’n,
what news bring you?

Leave your flocks and come, shepherds, swiftly come,
Bring some cheese and bring some wine!

Bells upon bells are pealing,
But two are clearest as they ring,
The birth of Godhead revealing,
That is the message they bring.

E’en the stars above call you, shepherds, to that Holy Babe,
Call you to that Holy Babe, the Son of God in all His love.

Bells upon bells are pealing,
But three sound loudest in the wind.
That Babe in cradle now sleeping
Shall die at the third hour of all mankind.

O bells of Bethlehem which touch the angels,
What good news you bring!


Below: Song pdf with chords (in 2 keys), Two simplified bilingual versions, Orff Arrangement & midi


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