May 082014
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Loud/soft songs:

Soft Sounds:

Loud Sounds:

Loud/Soft Assessment

(Pre-K and Kindergarten)

1st / 2nd grade

Have students explore their 4 voices (calling, whispering, singing & talking) and answer the questions:

  • Which voice is always soft?
  • Which voice is always loud?
  • Which two voices can be either soft or loud?


Below: Soft / Loud Assessment & Dynamic Visuals – Printable & digital pdfs


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  2 Responses to “Loud & Soft Songs & Dynamics Resources”

  1. I was trying to find songs to help show dynamics and found your page. Thank you!

    Last week we used colors to demonstrate piano and forte (kids chose the colors and each had different ideas but, all worked). The kids did so well that we even added in mezzo piano and mezzo forte! So, tomorrow we’ll use your suggestion of the Hall of the Mountain King and John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt 🙂

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