Ching-a-Ring Chaw

“Ching-a-Ring Chaw” is the last of the five songs in Aaron Copland’s Old American Songs, Set 2. (source)


1. Ching-a-ring-a-ring ching ching,
Ho a ding-a-ding kum lark-ee.
Ching-a-ring-a-ring ching ching,
Ho a ding kum lark-ee.

2. Brothers gather round,
Listen to this story,
‘Bout the promised land,
An’ the promised glory.

3. You don’t need to fear,
If you have no money,
You don’t need none there,
To buy you milk and honey.

4. There you’ll ride in style,
Coach with four white horses,
There the evenin’ meal,
Has one two three four courses.

This is great for steady beat.


Below: Songs pdf with chords, Rhythm visual aid & midi


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