Dec 092013

Ball Passing Game

This can help the students practice steady beat. It can be frustrating, also, because those few students who have trouble staying on the beat can mess up the whole thing.

Things that can help:

  • Have students sit in a circle
  • Practice the motions of everyone moving hands to the right, then back (even swaying), keeping in sync with everyone else
  • Walk around and help students.
  • Say words like “Pass,” “Pick up” and “Right,” even singing those words to the tune.
  • Slow down the tempo.
  • Only put 1 ball/stone in at the beginning while the rest of the students pretend. Gradually add more balls/stones.

The “X” marks the strong beat, where the students should place the ball/stone on the floor in front of the person to their right. I prefer small stones or bean bags, since they don’t roll.

Recorder Songs DEF#GA


Ball Passing Game-D


Recorder Notes GABCD’

Ball Passing Game-G


Song pdf & midi below


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