Nov 072013

Aloha Nu'uanu


1. Aloha ke alanui hele la ao Nu’uanu
Kau pono i ka `o-hu la i mu-a o-u

2. He nani ia uka la a`o Moelana
Me ka wailele hune la i na pali

3. Ke `ala o ka `awapuhi la ka`u i honi
Ka moani `ana mai la me he ipo `ala

4. Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Aloha ke alanui hele la a`o Nu`uanu


1. Beloved is the road of Nu`uanu
There in the mist ahead of you

2. The peaceful upland is beautiful
With the waterfall among the cliffs

3. The sweet scent of ginger
Wind blown like the essence of a lover

4. Tell the story
Beloved is the road of Nu`uanu

Song pdf & midi below


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