Nov 062013
Al Citron


Al citron de un fandango,
Sango, sango, sabaré, sabaré
De la rodela con su trikitriki tron.

These lyrics are nonsense words.

Idea for teaching:

Start slowly without stones, practicing hand movements (Say “right, in front, right, in front”)

We always put the strong beat on the right.


Song pdf with chords & midi below


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  4 Responses to “Al Citron”

  1. Hi Beth, I am looking for the original source of this.. do you know where it comes from and is it published somewhere?
    Thanks for your reply!

    • Aimee,
      This song is in the public domain, and it’s a folk song, so I’m guessing no one really knows the original source. It might be published in various music books, but it doesn’t have a copyright. Does that answer your question?

      • This song is in the 4th grade edition from the Music & You series by McMillan. It’s an old music series, but I still love to use the songs in it.

    • Yes, thanks so very much.. I couldn’t find a source for it either and I have a student from Argentina who does a hand clapping activity with this!

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