Sep 272013

Downloadable [digital] pdf of 36 pages includes*:

36 reproducible circle posters with with notes and rests: whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth (includes dotted quarter, dotted eighth, eighth note triplets and eighth-sixteenth combinations)
19 notes & rests on veggie pizza backgrounds
19 notes & rests on white backgrounds

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  5 Responses to “Note Pizzas”

  1. Susan Paradis has this same thing available on her site. I’ve used it with my students the last few years and have them figure out the fraction that matches the slice and we do a few math problems. I like that yours include the rests too!

  2. Beth, I recently found your blog. I am very impressed! Thanks so much for all the tidbits of interesting music and ideas.

  3. Beth, you are so super duper awesome!! I may be missing this somewhere in the plethora of posts, but do you have instructions or lesson plans on how you use your pizza cards?

    • Thank you, Sheree!

      I use them as visual aides to help explain the division of beats. Some years I hang them up as decoration and refer to them often.

      Hope that helps!

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