Apr 122013
Kapulu Kane



Kapulu, pulu kane, (repeat twice) ku ka nalua


That careless messy man, a very messy man.
No doubt that every one can plainly see, indeed!

Puili Stick Motions

Partners sit cross-legged on the floor, facing each other, each with a puili stick in each hand.

Ms. 1 – Click sticks with partner’s sticks (2x)
Click own sticks together (2x)

Ms. 2 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 3 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 4 – Hit sticks on the floor next to legs (right stick next to right leg, left next to left) (4x)

Ms. 5 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 6 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 7 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 8 – Hit sticks on the floor next to legs (2x), Click own sticks together high in the air (1x)


Song pdf with chords & midi below


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  3 Responses to “Kapulu Kane”

  1. Ooh, I love this song. My students love the one Hawaiian song I have taught them and would be so happy to expand their Hawaiian repertoire. Now to figure out how to actually implement puili sticks in my classroom….

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for sharing! Do you have a recording of the background track of Kapulu Kane that you could share with me? RRGrove@gmail.com Thank you!


    • Sorry, Rachel. I don’t have a background track of this song. When the kids have performed the song, we have done it acapella.

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