Feb 022013

Ah Poor Bird


Ah poor bird,
Take your flight,
Up above the sorrow
Of this dark night.

Ah poor bird,
As you fly,
Can you see the dawn
Of tomorrow’s sky?

Ah Poor Bird partners


Below: Song pdf, Orff Arrangement, Lesson ideas & midi


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  One Response to “Ah Poor Bird”

  1. When we do this in girl scouts, we do Hey ho as an unresolved 3-line song, (Hey ho, nobody home is only said once per time). so, in order to make it match up with Rose and Ah Poor Bird, you have to sing Hey Ho 4 times if you sing Rose 3 times. Get it? So when you sing Rose the second time through, the “hey ho” people are singing “meat, nor drink nor money have I none”, and when the Rose and Ah Poor Bird people start the 3rd time through, the hey ho people are singing “Still I will be merry”. It’s hard, but it sounds really cool because the changing counter melody provides increased tension and drama as the song is sung.

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