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  3 Responses to “Movement & Dance Songs”

  1. Hi Beth,

    I love your site, but I cannot see any of the music or visuals, only the words and videos. Do you know why? My school system just upgraded their cyber safety program, so some content may be blocked. Some of the music blogs I used to visit are now blocked, but your’s is different, in that I can view some of the content – just not the actual music or visuals. If you have any suggestion about how to remedy this problem please let me know.

    Thanks so much for all that you do and all that you provide for music educators and our students! You and your work are amazing!!

    Jennifer McCord

    • Jennifer,

      All of the files you are having trouble seeing are png files. I am guessing those must be blocked by your school. Do you have any way of viewing them at home and saving them to your computer from home? If not, a long-term project for me would be to save them all on a pdf file. 🙂


    • Jennifer,

      I just put the songs in a pdf for you. 🙂

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