Jan 192013

Bought Me a Cat

Consider using this song for younger students by adding motions – but also for the older students with recorders.


1. Bought me a cat, the cat pleased me,
I fed my cat under yonder tree.
The cat said “fiddle-i-fee.”
2. hen…chimmy chuck chimmy chuck

3. duck… quack, quack

4. goose… hissy, hissy

5. pig… oink, oink

6. sheep… baa, baa

7. hog… griffy, griffy

8. cow… moo, moo

9. horse… neigh, neigh

10. dog… bow-wow, bow-wow


Below: Song pdf  with chords in 2 keys, midi and printable & digital (ppt) animal sound melody cards


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  6 Responses to “Bought Me a Cat”

  1. You are just too cool, Beth! I wish I had the time to prepare all my lessons like this. Thanks so much!

  2. Always thank you! I get so many ideas from your extensive resources!!! I really am dying to know what program you use to notate your music! I love your fonts! I’d love to do that to some of the music I have and have the ability to change the keys and font!! Do you mind sharing your secret?

    Becca, Dallas

    • Becca,

      It’s no secret! I use Sibelius to notate my songs. I love it!
      As for the fonts, I’m kind of a font junkie. I love downloading free fonts. I have found great fonts on Pinterest and by googling things like “scrapbooking fonts” and “top 10 fonts…” things like that.

      I’m so glad you find my things helpful. That’s why I put them out there! 😉


  3. My 3rd grade chorus sang this one this year. But the sounds were a bit different. 🙂

  4. Hi Beth,
    I’m a new teacher and was looking for some fun lesson plans for my kindergartners and found your blog! I used this song last week and it was such a hit with the kiddos! Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas!


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