Nov 202012




My Notes

  • I got the most of the songs from internet research, and we all know how reliable that can be (not!). So, if you find anything that’s incorrect, let me know.
  • Some songs were easy to find. Some were not. Some I had to notate myself after listening to recordings.
  • Some states have more than one state song, and since they weren’t folk songs, I had to pay attention to copyright dates. (According to United States copyright law, the only copyrighted songs that are now “public domain” are those published before 1923.) However, even that wasn’t easy to figure out. I couldn’t find a copyright on some songs – and I found out that some songs’ composers waived the copyright (otherwise, every time someone sings the state song in a non-school or non-church setting, they must pay a royalty!).
  • Most of the songs had tons of verses, so I just chose a couple in each case. If you need more verses, they are all findable on the internet.

  2 Responses to “Songs from Alaska & Hawaii”

  1. I love your site! Do you have a translation of the Eskimo Ice Cream song?

    • No, Lena, sorry, I don’t. My source didn’t have a translation – and I can’t find it online. Sometimes native songs have nonsense words. My source has optional motions (which are copyrighted, so I can’t post them) that include stirring a bowl and licking the spoon. (I added a little blurb about what real Eskimo ice cream is!) So, you could use that information to help to explain the song, even without translation.

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