Se Se Se


Se se se, no yoi yoi yoi

O cha la ka o cha la ka o cha la ka hoi

Different version


The song is made up of nonsense syllables, with the exception of m. 10, where different lyrics are sung depending on the outcome of the hand, which is played on the word “hoi” in m. 8. The winner sings “katta-yo” (“I won!”), the loser sings “maketa-yo” (“I lost!”). In case of a draw, both sing “aiko-de” (“It’s a draw!”). M. 9 to 12 are repeated indefinitely, with a new hand occurring on each “hoi.” (source)


  • All in a circle facing a partner.
  • “se se se” = Each student faces a partner and holds both hands, pulsing hands up & down slightly on beat.
  • “no yoi yoi yoi” = Cross arms in front, pulse beat while changing places with partner
  • “o cha la ka…” = Clap hands, then partner’s hands, alternating (like “paddy cake”) on beat
  • “hoi!” = Jump and turn around, making “rock, paper, scissors” with hand.
  • Facing new partner, decide who won:
    • Winner raises hands over head silently.
    • Loser bows respectfully to partner.
    • Tie, both grunt at each other.
    • This person is the new partner.


Song pdf & midi below


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