Nov 282012

Se Se Se

This song reminds me of Bow Wow Wow. The motions are a little more involved.


Se se se, no yoi yoi yoi

O cha la ka o cha la ka o cha la ka hoi


All in a circle facing a partner.
“se se se” = Each student faces a partner and holds both hands, pulsing hands up & down slightly on beat.
“no yoi yoi yoi” = Cross arms in front, pulse beat while changing places with partner
“o cha la ka…” = Clap hands, then partner’s hands, alternating (like “paddy cake”) on beat
“hoi!” = Jump and turn around, making “rock, paper, scissors” with hand.
Facing new partner, decide who won:
Winner raises hands over head silently.
Loser bows respectfully to partner.
Tie, both grunt at each other.
This person is the new partner.


Song pdf & midi below


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