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Jazz PowerPoint

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            JAZZ Word Search - pdf


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  7 Responses to “Jazz Activities”

  1. fabulous – thanks for being willing to share at no cost – have you done a jazz song with tuned percussion? would love to see that for elementary students? or know where I can get one that isn’t too hard?

  2. I use boomwhackers for the 12-bar blues. My 2nd graders were able to see the colored chords I wrote on the board and they knew what colors to play with. It was great! This site has helped me a lot as a resource for great age-appropriate songs for my music class lessons. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

  3. Beth I love this! I would really like to use your Jazz power point this month since April is “Jazz month” to introduce Jazz in my elementary classes but I can’t get the power point to go to full screen. I see a little speaker in the corner too – does it have music that goes with it?
    Any tips? Is it my computer, server etc?

    • Hi Julie!

      For full screen: when I look at the Jazz page, I see a “full screen” button in the bottom right of the PPT (two arrows pointing away from each other). If you click on the other curved arrow on the bottom left, you get some “share” choices. If you copy and paste the url into another window, you have some more choices. You can also choose full screen, or there you can download.

      When I have used this PPT, I have embedded music into it. When you play it on your computer, the PPT looks for where you have stored the music on your computer, so you need to find your own music and have it stored on your computer and then embed it. Or you can just play jazz music while you play the PPT!

      I hope this helps!


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