Oct 012012

Grizzly Bear


Grizzly bear, a grizzly bear is sleeping in a cave. (repeat)
Please be very quiet, very very quiet,
If you wake him, if you shake him, he gets very mad!


  1. Students stand in a circle on the floor.
  2. One student stand/sit in middle and close eyes while students sing song and dance
  3. (keeping feet in same spot on floor).
  4. On the last word “mad,” students freeze, student in middle opens eyes and looks for
  5. students who are moving – and they are “out.” After a few minutes of getting students out,
  6. the student who is “it” closes his/her eyes and spins around while pointing: I count 1…2…3.
  7. The next “grizzly bear” is the one that “it” is pointing to.

 Recorder Songs F#GABCD’

Grizzly Bear G


Below: Song pdf with chords in 2 keys, Lesson plans, Unpitched percussion arrangement & midi


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