Aug 162012


Love! Love! Love! this book!

Here’s what the beginning sounds like:

Frank was a monster who wanted to dance.
“I know I could boogie if they gave me a chance,”
So he put on his hat and his shoes made in France
And opened a jar and put ants in his pants!

It just goes on from there! So cute!

I use this book with 5th graders (I wouldn’t want to scare the young-uns!) I turn on my keyboard to a blues shuffle beat and say 8 measures (like above) of the book.

Then I have a student “conduct” an interlude of 8 measures with body percussion hoop rhythms.

In between each 8 measure pattern, I have a student do that interlude (by stepping into a different hoop after 8 beats- there are 4 hoops).

We finish the book by repeating the last line together twice after I read it once, getting louder each time:

And he said to himself with a one-eyed glance,
“I might be a monster, but man can I dance!
(Students:) I might be a monster, but man can I dance!
I might be a monster, but man can I dance!”



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