There are some great books out there! Keep your eyes open for Orff books, even if you haven’t had Orff training. They are often great about giving you the play-by-play lesson plans – with active, hands-on learning.

Some of my favorite authors are Jeff Kriske & Randy DeLelles. They have complete lesson plan books for each grade level. They also sell the posters that accompany them – for an extra fee. Yes, they’re pricey, but they have all you need for the entire year of lesson planning.

They have lots of other books to keep your eyes out for.

Other faves are:

  • Discovering Orff by Jane Frazee

  • Exploring Orff by Arvida Steen


They are resource books, not the day-by-day lesson plans that the Kriske-DeLelles books are – but they are priceless in their mix of theoretical and practical tips.

And, of course you know how much I love folk songs! Here’s a great book:


Some great composer books:

This is a non-traditional version of composer biographies. You won’t be able to put it down!

And these books are just adorable! They are chock-full of great biographical information, and there are hilarious cartoons throughout each book. And – there’s a book about The Beatles!