Oct 072011

Bow Wow Wow


Bow wow wow,
Whose dog art thou?
Little Tommy Tucker’s dog,
Bow wow wow. (whoo!)

Circle game

Students stand in a one circle, each facing a partner. Sing the song and do motions. At the end, each student will be facing a new partner. Game continues until all students return to original partner.

Bow wow wow = stomp, stomp, stomp
Whose dog art thou? = wag finger at partner 4 times
Little Tommy Tucker’s dog, = hold both hands with partner and trade places after turning a half-turn
Bow wow wow = stomp, stomp, stomp
(whoo!) = throw hands up in the air and twirl to face the person behind you

The game continues until the partners end up with their original partners. If it doesn’t happen, someone didn’t do it correctly. Keep practicing! It is really fun!

*If there is an uneven number of students, I used to take their place. However, I now prefer to watch and troubleshoot. So, one student is a partner with stuffed animal, Beartoven. Students have fun passing him around during the game.

Below: Song pdf with chords in 2 keys, Printable rhythm cards & midi


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  5 Responses to “Bow Wow Wow”

  1. I am a little confused about how the circle game works. Are they facing a partner across the circle from them or are they facing the person who is right next to them? I just don’t understand how they rotate through partners in this game. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much, those definitely helped!

  3. That’s my crew on the bottom video. Kids always enjoy this activity-
    This lesson can lend itself to “higher cognitive thinking questions” as current teacher assessments are requiring. I’ll mark one pair of partners with stickers, and then have the class predict where they will meet again (opposite side of circle). Once they have met, I’ll ask them how many times the song must be performed in order for them to reunite (roughly 1/2 the number of partners; depends on whether there is an odd/even number of them). Sheds light on Music / Math connections-

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