Oct 292011

Ama Lama


Ama lama cooma lama cooma lama veestay.
Ama lama cooma lama cooma lama veestay.
Oh no no, no no no veestay.
Eenie meenie gypsy leenie ooh ah ooh ah me leenie,
Atchy patchy cooma latchy I mean you!

On another day use rhythm cards to do rhythmic dictation.


Below: Song pdf with chords, Orff Arrangement, Visuals (printable & digital) & midi


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  4 Responses to “Ama Lama”

  1. Wondering how you use the rhythm visuals as part of a lesson?!?! let me know! THANKS!

  2. I actually learned this years ago on a camp bus with alternate lyrics:
    2nd verse-
    “Imma leeny disileeny Ooo ah I’m a leeny
    Otch kotch kooma lotchy Ooo ah oh!”

    Probably the telephone effect, but just wanted to put that out there, haha

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