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These can be adapted for different grade levels.




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  1. I LOVE your stuff!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I just ordered the Wee Sing Around the Wold cd and book. Did you have speaking parts for your program?

    • Mark, did you see this post, too? http://bethsmusicnotes.blogspot.com/2012/08/program-explore-world.html

      I’m sure you will be very happy you ordered the Wee Sing book and CD. They are excellent resources!

      As for speaking parts, I don’t think I had any for this program. I found that my audiences became talkative during speaking parts. 🙁 However, if you want to do speaking parts, I would suggest having students explain the meaning of certain songs (in English) – or tidbits about the history of the songs, when they are sung… Or, you could have students talk a little bit about each country the songs represent: an interesting fact, or have them say “hello” in the language of that country – something like that. Sometimes I’ve even added short poems in between songs.

      Good luck! Also, you could check out my “Songs from other countries” series here: http://bethsmusicnotes.blogspot.com/2012/02/multicultural-songs.html

  3. When you use the folk songs for programs, what do you do for accompaniment? Do you make up your own?

    • I make up my own accompaniment and record my accompaniment on my keyboard. For the program, I play it back so I can sit in front of the kids and do the motions with them.

  4. Do you have links to any of the Seasons programs songs? Or even a list of where they came from would be helpful! Thanks as always for this amazing resource!!

    • Becca,

      I have gotten these songs from all different sources. Since they’re mostly not folk songs (and the Wind song I need to post, don’t I? I will try to do that this week…), I can’t post them. I would suggest googling them.


  5. Hi Beth!
    I’ve been a long-time follower of your blog. As a newer music teacher (this is year three!) I’m always looking for resources. Quick question: how many concerts do you generally have a year? Do you have one for each grade level at your school?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ashley!

      One for each grade level would be a LOT, I think! In my career, in one district I did only 1 all-school program, plus a few chorus concerts. In another district, I did two grade level concerts (plus several chorus concerts) per year. In that school I did 1st and 3rd every year, and in my sister school, she did one year, 1st and 4th, and then the next year 2nd and 3rd – so every child had 2 concerts in their elementary experience.

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